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Advanced Filtration Company offers numerous products and services for applications related to filtration and separation systems employed in the power generation industry.  The equipment offered is suitable for steam turbine plants, cogeneration and gas turbines sites as well as nuclear stations and hydro-electric plants.

Advanced Filtration's ability to effectively meet your needs is facilitated by our representation of the major filtration equipment manufacturers including Kaydon Filtration, Shawndra Filtration, JD Cousins Heat Exchangers, GE Osmonics and APEL International.

Advanced Filtration can provide filter cartridges designed for purification of lubricating and hydraulic oils and EHC fluids.  Equipment to remove water from these fluids and also from fuel are within our scope of supply.  The Kaydon Turbo-Toc system is ideal for maintaining the cleanliness of steam turbine lubricating oils. 
Additionally we offer a variety of filters for use on gas turbine air intake systems.  Advanced Filtration offers a water resistant media that can be employed as a prefilter panel on many gas turbines including the LM6000 to protect the final cylinder style filters.  Our filter media rated for MERV 15 filtration is also moisture resistant!
Also available are strainers of many various designs, heat exchangers, condensers, feed water heaters and separators for both liquids and gases.  Filters suitable for purifying natural gas are products we carry.  Also reverse osmosis membranes and components including TONKAFLO pumps are among the wide variety of products we can assist our clients with.

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Filtration applications presented to us are always addressed from a variety of angles. Years of experience in the industry enables us to offer you cost-effective, customized solutions aimed at resolving your filtration requirements.

Advanced Filtration's ability to effectively meet your needs is further facilitated by our representation of the major filtration equipment manufacturers including: GE Osmonics, Fibercor, GRAVER Technologies, UF Strainrite, SHELCO Filtration and many others.  Filter systems, strainers, separators and reverse osmosis equipment are among the wide variety of products carried. We offer solutions to a wide ranging area of filtration problems including those associated with chemical production, pigments, biological solutions, high purity water, viscous fluids and fluids with gelatinous or haze like contaminants.  Advanced Filtration Company can recommend equipment for and assist  with applications for both liquid and gases!

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The Blast Pak is a single tower deliquescent drying package with peripherals welded to a forklift skid, allowing maximum portability for mobile applications.
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Filtration is a complicated process. At Advanced Filtration, we're not just order takers. Our representatives all have at least 10 years of experience in the filtration business. Advanced Filtration principal John Woods has even more.

We are often able to recommend and help install multi-stage filters allowing a pre-filter to be used to save the more expensive main filter-using our expertise to save our customers money on filters.prefilter scemetic typical as prepared to solve a problem

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